Celebrities who stood against Indra Gnadhi during emergency


Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi laid the Emergency on 25 June 1975 in the country. Indira Gandhi’s decision has been 44 years. This Emergency is remembered as a dark chapter in the country’s democracy. But do you know that 44 years ago when the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi took the decision of the Emergency then the film personalities, including her big politician, had also made a lot of criticism. On completion of 44 years of Emergency, we are going to tell you the story related to film actors and directors.

In 1975, when there was an emergency in the country, there was a lot of change in the politics of the country. New parties consider this period a great opportunity for themselves. While the Jan Sangh was forming the Janata Party form in the form of the party’s formation to contest the contest, on the other hand, some film stars had also made up their mind to join the then politics. After the Emergency was over, the Congress had to face the first time in the Lok Sabha elections in 1977. For the first time, the country got a non-Congress Prime Minister, it was Morarji Desai, but the Congress (O), Jana Sangh, Bharatiya Lok Dal and Samajwadi Party alliance formed this party for a long time could not manage the power of the country. In 1979, the announcement of a new election with the demise of the Janata government, for which the film stars also raised the waist.

On September 4, 1979, a press conference in Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Hotel was announced to form the ‘National Party’. With this, the party’s manifesto was also released. The party’s president was actor Dev Anand. The party’s headquarters was built in V. Shantaram’s Rajkamal studio in Parel, Mumbai. However, it was actively operated by Dev Anand’s office.

Apart from Dev Anand and his brother Vijay Anand in this party, many stars like producer-director V. Shantaram, GP Sippy, Shriram Bohra, IS Johor, Ramanand Sagar, Atmaram, Shatrughan Sinha, Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Sanjeev Kumar are also seen as direct or indirect Had joined the party. People from this party started joining a large number. There was a lot of crowd in the rallies of the party, which saw the streak on mainstream party’s occupation increased. Everything was going well, but the big leaders of the Janata government and the Congress admonished influential film personalities such as GP Sippy and Ramanand Sagar to save the film industry from difficulties after the election, they stopped this ‘Tamasha’. Gradually, the active filmmakers started shouting in the National Party and Dev Anand remained almost alone. Later, he also abandoned the idea of the National Party forever and forever.