5 reasons why UPSC IAS prelims 2018 was toughest ever

UPSC examinations are considered toughest in India whether its SCRA exam, CDSE, ESE or Civil services exam, difficulty level of exam is above all other other exams held in country. Among these all exams UPSC Civil services exam ( UPSC CSE ) IAS exam is considered most toughest exam, perhaps its one of the most toughest exams in world. A candidate need to prepare hard one or two years rigorously to pass this exam even selection ratio is also quite low in this. A candidates has to go through thee levels of test ( Pre, Mains and Interview ) in order to get a post through UPSC CSE IAS exam. Prelims exam is held usually in the month of June.

This year UPSC CSE IAS exam Prelims was held on 3rd June 2018. Almost 10 Lakh aspirants applied and approx 2 Lakh appeared for UPSC CSE 2018 Prelims. for example in Rajasthan around 70000 students applied and only 45000 appeared for the exam.  As the competition is high ,level of difficulty of exam is also high.

This year UPSC CSE exam was considered toughest ever in UPSC histroy. Most students found paper as toughest ever. Prelims Paper contains two parts GS and CSAT. CSAT is of only qualifying nature. But this year GS and CSAT both paper were lengthy and difficult.

Here is the topic wise analysis of the questions asked in GS paper.

Around 12 questions in Geography, 14 in Polity, 19 in History, art and culture, 14 in environment, 24 from current affair, science International organisations were asked.

5 reasons why this year Prelims Exam was toughest ever

Deep Knowledge required to solve the question paper-

UPSC CSE demands a candidate to have deep knowledge in subject. Yet the paper is called general studies but this year only candidates with broader knowledge base are able to solve the question. Students who rely only on coaching study material found difficulty to solve the question papers found it almost impossible to solve the questions. This type of question paper demands candidate to have knowledge of at least 2 years of current affair study and deep understanding of concepts.

Past years trends were different. One could easily crack the paper by studying Coaching current affair material and once or twice thorough study of text books. But this year only who has command on concept was able to solve questions.

Our advise for candidates is that if you are preparing for UPSC CSE IAS 2019 then focus on concepts rather then coaching study material.

More Questions From History, Art and Culture

This year more number of questions were asked from History, art and culture and difficulty level of questions was also high. Candidates who has history as optional found it easy to tackle the questions. History, Art and culture part is considered tough. But this year not only they asked more questions from History but they asked some of strange questions which could be solved only by the people who studied History MA level books.

Confusing statements in questions

This year almost 40 questions has confusing statements with in them. UPSC planned to check conceptual and deep knowledge of candidates.  Only who has conceptual knowledge could solve these questions. Most candidates had to guess in these confusing questions this was a disadvantage.

Conceptual Current Affairs

This year current affairs were not like last years. Usually UPSC asks normal difficulty questions from Current affairs. Previous years students were able to answer questions on the basis if monthly current affair and PT 365 current affair books. But this year, only those who had read news paper for last 1 one year were able to answer questions. Some current affairs were deep conceptual.

Lengthy Question Paper

Many students found quite lengthy because some questions were confusing and it needed students to think and answer. Most of students could only solve 80-90 questions in given time. As per the students review, we found that average attempt rate is 65-85.

Apart from all above, CSAT was also difficult this year comparative to previous years. Even for engineering and math background students CSAT was no easy task.

Final Words-

If you are preparing for 2019 , then our advice is that read news paper daily, spend some time on concepts, make notes and do some research about concepts on internet. Focus your studies on deep knowledge rather then Current affair magazines, PT 365 and coaching material.

If you have any questions, kindly comment below.

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